The EASA Ad Alerts put in the spotlight cross-border advertisements that demonstrate sharp and extremely misleading practices.

They provide updates on companies that endorsed such practices at the time of publication and provide advice to consumers and companies who have been misled. After publication, these Ad Alerts are sent to the relevant practitioners as well as the relevant government and consumer organisations concerned with such matters.

Construct Data Verlag GmbH
2012 EASA Ad Alert – Construct Data Verlag GmbH

Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH / DAD
2012 EASA Ad Alert – Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH / DAD

European City Guide
2012 EASA Ad Alert European City Guide

Euro Business Guide
2010 EASA Ad Alert Euro Business Guide

Euro Content Ltd
2010 EASA Ad Alert Euro Content Ltd

NovaChannel AG
2009 EASA Ad Alert NovaChannel AG

Friedrich Müller
2009 EASA Ad Alert Friedrich Müller

World Business Guide
2009 EASA Ad Alert World Business Guide