Promoting Responsible Advertising 

At EASA we work with our members to promote responsible advertising by providing detailed guidance on how to go about advertising self-regulation for the benefit of consumers and businesses.

EASA has a network of 42 organisations representing 28 advertising standards bodies (also called self-regulatory organisations) from Europe and 13 organisations representing the advertising ecosystem (the advertisers, agencies, the media) and 1 digital pure play company. 

EASA's role is to set out high operational standards for advertising self-regulatory systems, as set out in the Best Practice Model and EASA's Charter. EASA also provides a space for the advertising ecosystem to work together at European and international level to address common challenges and make sure advertising standards are futureproof.

EASA helps to make sure that ads are legal, decent, honest, truthful, prepared with a sense of social responsibility and created with due respect to the rules of fair competition. The well-enforced ad standards are established by EASA. These ensure that ad self-regulation is better regulation. 

You can find more information in EASA's leaflet.