May was a busy month for EASA and its members!

On 6 May, the ‘Hands-On Digital’ conference took place at the University of Ghent, Belgium, which included sessions on the latest trends in digital marketing. EASA's Justina Raizyte delivered a presentation to more than 340 students, practitioners and researchers, discussing EASA's work in this area.

The Cyprus Advertising Association held a discussion on 14 May to discuss the topic of influencer marketing, in which EASA presented its work on BPRs for this new form of advertising.

EASA was also at Stichting Reclame Code's (SRC) event in Amsterdam on 21 May to present its work to the SRC and key Dutch advertising stakeholders.


ARPP (France)

ARPP launches first online advertising ethics training tool

In May, ARPP enriched its educational offer with the first online training module (e-learning) dedicated to advertising ethics.

ARPP pursues its pedagogical mission for all professionals alongside the Media Institute, the French professional training organisation created in 2000. The Media Institute is a leader in digital communication, marketing and media, and almost all its members also adhere to ARPP.

ARPP designed and developed, with the Media Institute, this online training module which is fully accessible to reach all professionals regardless of their place of work.

The hour-long module allows the user to familiarise or update their knowledge with the main rules of self-regulation, around five transversal ARPP codes: Image and Respect for the Person, Sustainable Development, Food Behaviors, Safety and Security, and Digital Advertising Communication.

It is easy-to-access and includes case studies, complementary analyzes by ARPP's legal adviser, Ellen Zevounou, and quizzes to test the user's knowledge. Documents can be downloaded at the end of each theme to provide a written summary of the rules.

This e-learning ethics training in advertising complements the Training Workshops already provided for the last 5 years by ARPP on the topics of Automotive, Alcohol, Cosmetics, Influencers, Sustainable Development and Gender Stereotypes. More information here:

Register for the online training here:


Engaging with politicians in Wales

As part of our engagement programme with devolved legislatures, we held an event in Cardiff for Welsh Assembly Members to meet with our Chief Executive, Guy Parker, and senior members of staff. The event was held at the National Assembly for Wales, and took the format of a dinner and discussion with AMs about our priorities for advertising regulation and protecting children and vulnerable people. We engaged with AMs across political parties, including the Welsh Government’s Deputy Health Minister, who were keen to hear from us on regulating ads for gambling and other sensitive products and services.

ASAI (Ireland)

ASAI Launches 2018 Annual Review

On 30 April, ASAI published its 2018 Annual Review. The report details the policy areas that the ASAI was involved in during 2018 and provides analysis of complaints received and handled during the year.

A total of 1,682 written complaints concerning 1,183 advertisements were received, with 72 advertisements found in breach of the Code of Standards for Advertising and Marketing Communication in Ireland. 

The ‘Food & Beverages’ sector attracted the greatest number of complaints (289), followed by ‘Leisure’ (222), ‘Telecommunications’ (192) and ‘Health & Beauty’, while ‘Digital Media’ gave rise to the highest number of complaints by media.

Read the full report here.


AUTOCONTROL holds advanced practical workshops on Data Protection and Advertising

Four advanced practical workshops took place during May, organised by AUTOCONTROL and aimed at privacy professionals, legal advisors or data protection delegates. The topics addressed were as follows:

Advertising: Consent or legitimate interest? In this workshop consent and legitimate interest were analysed as legitimate bases for processing personal data in the advertising field. The limitations that exist in the field of electronic communications, were also analysed.

Evaluation of impact and pseudonymisation. Different scenarios with risk factors whereby it would be necessary or, at least, advisable to carry out an evaluation of the impact, were examined in this workshop, in particular pseudonymization.

Notification of security breaches. During this session were analysed the criteria needed to be handled carefully to determine whether or not there is an obligation to notify a security breach to the control authority and interested parties. How to make the corresponding notification to the Spanish Data Protection Authority, as well as to interested parties when appropriate, was tackled also.

Responsible for processing and international data transferring. This workshop focused on analysing how to comply, in practice, with the obligation established by the RGPD to choose those responsible for the treatment, with capacity to offer sufficient guarantees. Part of the session was devoted to analyse issues related to international data transferring.

ÖWR (Austria)

The Austrian Advertising Authority (ÖWR) holds convention on "Self- and Co-Regulation in the modern world of communication"

At the beginning of May 2019, the functional and effective methods of self-regulation systems and their transformation into the modern world of communication were the focus of the Austrian Advertising Council's convention at the ORF RadioKulturhaus, which was attended by around 100 top-class experts from politics, business and the media.

The opportunities and possibilities of self- and co-regulation systems, the implementation of the AVMS Directive in food advertising and the role of the Advertising Council in the modern communications world, were among the topics presented and discussed.

"The implementation of the European Audiovisual Media Services Directive for Austria gives us the opportunity around every 10 years to review the existing code's provisions, adapt them to social/political developments and thereby sharpen self-regulation," explains Michael Straberger, President of the Austrian Advertising Council, in the course of his impulse statement. And: "We understand the politically intended and functioning instruments as a service accepted by the advertising industry, as a corrective measure to intervene in economic activity, as a small organisational and financial effort for clients, agencies and media companies, but also as a relief for the state administration", Straberger continues.

Stéphane Martin, President of the European Advertising Standards Association (EASA), provided impetus from a European perspective. In an extensive lecture he presented activities and key initiatives of the self-regulation systems in Europe and explained the most important changes with regard to the new AVMS Directive: "We are sure, we have an effective Selfregulation in Europe". With regard to the new AVMS Directive, EASA is particularly keen to adequately involve digital players in the process of self-regulation and to highlight the important role of self-regulation.

SRC (Netherlands)

Advertising Code Social Media & Influencer Marketing updated

The Stichting Reclame Code (SRC) has published the update of the Advertising Code Social Media & Influencer Marketing. The modified code contains practical examples so that both brand and influencer know how to advertise together in a transparent and reliable way.

The original Advertising Code for Social Media is since 2014 part of the Dutch Adverting Code (NRC).

Developments in social media are going fast and influencer marketing has become a widely used tool. Reason enough to update the code with a new name: Social Media & Influencer Marketing Advertising Code. The Code will soon be available in English on

Annual Report 2018

Last month the SRC Annual Report 2018 was published. Main topics:

- In 2018 3.727 complaints and reports were received;

- Specifications of the decisions made by the Advertising Committee and the Board of Appeal, specified in various ways,

- Compliance & Crossborder complaints

- and more!

For a short summary in English, please see



Advertising Association organises UK Parliament discussion on public trust in advertising

On 22 May, the Advertising Association (AA) held a breakfast debate in the House of Lords this week to showcase to Parliamentarians the UK industry Action Plan published in March ‘Arresting the Decline of Public Trust in UK Advertising’. The AA’s think-tank, Credos, gave a resume of the consumer research that has been undertaken last year, the findings of which are being addressed on the Action Plan.   There followed a wide-ranging panel debate exploring the decline in public trust in institutions, government and in industry.  Action three of the Trust Action Plan ensures industry support for the ASA’s strategy as it implements its five year plan: ‘More impact online’. As well as this, the industry, which already supports the ASA’s action to increase public awareness through advertising, is planning an upweighted advertising campaign in Scotland to test the impact on awareness, with the aim of increasing consumer confidence that advertising is effectively regulated in all media, including online.


EACA Publishes 2019 European Advertising Business Climate Index

Business confidence in the European advertising and marketing sector has taken a slight turn downwards, according to the latest European Advertising Business Climate Index, issued by the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA).

The report, based on a sample of nearly 1,500 advertising and market research companies across Europe, shows that business confidence in the ad industry has decreased from +6 to +2.7 over the last quarter.

Regarding past development, the results show a small increase in demand for advertising services over the last three months (from +2.1 to +2.3). The perception of employment development has also been positive (from -1 to +1.1).

However, the expectations for the future are rather negative. Demand for advertising sevices and employment opportunities are both expected to decrease in the next quarter (from +12 to +7.8 and from +9.2 to +4.1, respectively).

For the UK, which is the largest advertising market in Europe, the expectations for demand for advertising services decrease from +1 to -30.4 and employment from +15.6 to -10.6 in the next quarter. Due to its large share of the advertising market in Europe, the UK has the second highest co-efficient for the Ad Index. Its weak situation (worst among all the countries surveyed) is likely to have played a role in the overall European outcome. The results were, in fact, collected at the verge of the initial Brexit deadline of 29 March and the risk of “Hard Brexit“, which was feared to cause trouble for the industry.

The general confidence index in the countries with the highest and the third biggest co-efficients in the Ad Index – Germany and France – have also decreased over the last quarter from +19.2 to +19 and +3.5 to -1.2, respectively.

The country with the highest confidence index remains Lithuania, although its confidence index has decreased a little from +32.2 in Q4/2018 to +27.2 in Q1/2019.

The biggest “gainers“ over the last quarter in terms of their confidence index are Greece (from -26.8 to +3.5), Estonia (from -3.1 to +7.7) and Spain (from +4.3 to +13.3).

“The latest results of the Ad Index demonstrate fluctuation in an uncertain political atmosphere for businesses. In the coming weeks and months, we will see the future course that Brexit will take in addition to the new European Parliament and national elections in countries such as Spain, Denmark and Greece,“ says Tamara Daltroff, EACA’s Director General.

Click here to access all the previous press releases of the European Advertising Business Climate Index. In order to get access to the full reports, please get in touch with EACA on

EACA will publish the next edition of the European Advertising Business Climate Index in the beginning of August 2019.

EACA Publishes Manifesto for the New European Commission & the European Parliament 2019 - 2024

EACA calls on policy-makers to:

  • Foster innovation, creativity and investment.
  • Recognise the value of ad-based business models.
  • Uphold advertising self-regulation.
  • Promote fair business relations and  a level-playing field.
  • Help train and retain talent.

Read the full manifesto in detail here.

Inspire by EACA

2019 Edcom Meetings

On 16 and 17 May, edcom, the European Institute for Commercial Communication Education, held its annual meeting in Paris.

The meetings offered interesting discussions and presentations, as well as panels with international speakers from universities in France, Germany, the UK, Romania and Australia as well as industry experts from Havas, DDB, Publicis, Hercules, Cannes Lions and McCann Prague discussing the future of education and challenges to hire and retain the best talents.

edcom also elected Paul Springer from Falmouth University in the UK as its new president, as well as a new Board.

Ad Venture Student Competition 2019: Winner Announced

This year’s edition of the Ad Venture Student competition has come to an end. Students from all over Europe and beyond created their own campaign in response to a brief from Let Toys be Toys. The challenge was to make the target audience aware, understand and care about why gender stereotyped marketing to children matters and activate parents to challenge gender stereotyped marketing aimed at children.

During the Ad Venture Finals, Team EDEN from Sup de Pub in France impressed the third-round jury with their campaign entitled “You are what you play.”. With this campaign, the team aimed to raise awareness about the gender stereotyping in toys marketing by making the analogy between child's play and nutrition.

For more information and pictures see here:

FEPE International ---> World Out of Home Organisation

FEPE International has rebranded as World Out of Home Organization!

FEPE International, the global organisation representing Out of Home media owners, national associations, specialist agencies and suppliers to the industry, is to rebrand as the World Out of Home Organization (WOO).

The move, to reflect the changed nature of the Association from a European-based entity to a genuinely global body, was announced at FEPE International’s 60th Annual congress in Dubai on May 1-3.

FEPE International President Tom Goddard says: “It’s fitting that this change is announced at our 60th Annual Congress, a record-breaking event with over 400 delegates from across the world, held outside Europe.”

“Moving on from FEPE is like saying goodbye to a much-loved old friend but Out of Home is a truly global and rapidly-changing industry in 2019 and moving from FEPE to World Out of Home Organization (WOO) reflects these seismic changes.”

FEPE (Federation European Publicite Exterieur) was founded in Paris by French outdoor pioneer Jacques Dauphin 60 years ago and initially comprised the national outdoor advertising federations of France, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Italy and the Netherlands. It now has members (including many national associations) from the US, UK, Australia, Latin America, India and China.

The new name, logo and other related visual materials were developed with the help of UK brand consultancy Heavenly.

Heavenly CEO Richard Sunderland says: "Heavenly was engaged to help modernise the FEPE brand, ensuring it better reflected the unprecedented level of innovation that is now transforming the Out of Home sector.

"The name itself had become an acronym that not many could decode, even among the membership and one that did not truly reflect the international role the organization now plays."

FEPE international will transform to the World of Out Home Organization (WOO) over the coming months.


Ramesh Narayan elected IAA VP and Area Director APAC

Ramesh Narayan, founder of Canco Advertising, has been unanimously elected as the Vice President of the International Advertising Association (IAA) and Area Director of IAA's APAC region.

Ramesh said "I am grateful for the vote of confidence. The APAC region has unlimited potential and I look forward to working with all the Chapter Presidents to take the ideals of the IAA forward and firmly validate it's positioning as the global compass of marketing and advertising."

Commenting on the election, Chairman and World President Srinivasan Swamy said, "It is indeed a privilege that we have Ramesh Narayan as our Vice President and Area Director for Asia Pacific. He had already made his mark as VP of Marketing and Communications at IAA Global and therefore has set himself a high benchmark as to what to expect from him. His passion & commitment to IAA, coupled with his indomitable leadership spirit will help IAA Asia Pacific leapfrog as the most vibrant and inspirational region. I look forward to working closely with him in this regard."

IAB Europe

IAB Europe Announces the Full Agenda for Interact 2019

IAB Europe, the leading European-level industry association for the digital advertising ecosystem, has announced the full agenda for its annual event ‘Interact’. Taking place on  4-5 June in Warsaw, Poland, speakers include leaders from P&G, Mondelēz International, Verizon Media, Rubicon Project, Teads, BBC, GroupM, MediaCom, Douglas, IBM and BBDO. Over 600 European advertisers, industry experts, agencies & media owners are expected to attend.

Day 1 of the conference will kick off with IAB Europe’s Chief Economist, Daniel Knapp unveiling the results of the much-anticipated AdEx Benchmark 2018 study, the definitive guide to the state of the digital advertising market. Digital has emerged from being the ‘new kid on the block’, to be the driver for overall growth as other media progress their own digital journeys. IAB Europe’s AdEx Benchmark study has documented this growth and key trends since 2006. It uses national IAB ad spend data to detail facts and figures across Europe including growth, digital advertising formats (display, search and classified), trends across the rich and diverse markets and a breakdown of social and video spend.

Other key highlights of Day 1 include Dominic Grainger, CEO at GroupM EMEA sharing key trends that GroupM has seen across Europe; Taide Guajardo Brand Director from Procter & Gamble discussing reinventing brand building and disrupting the way business can be done; and Anita Caras, Insights Director from Verizon Media, talking about capturing consumer attention in the moment.

Day 1 will conclude with a panel discussion on IAB Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF). The panel including Chief privacy and policy officers from the TCF Steering Committee, will discuss how the TCF has enabled the digital advertising ecosystem to comply with certain obligations under the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive. One year under the GDPR, panellists will also discuss how version 2.0 of the TCF was developed after extensive market feedback from industry stakeholders, notably publishers, and Data Protection Authorities.

Day 2 of the event will be split into four different tracks: Growth drivers, Content & Creativity, Digital Transformation and Consumer & Privacy. Each track will have a selection of key note speeches and panel discussions related to that theme. Track highlights include:

Growth drivers – The Programmatic Audio Advertising landscape in Europe Panel, moderated by David Goddard, Vice President, Global Programmatic Strategy, BBC Global News

Content & Creativity – “Acting like a startup” – Structured innovation for future growth, Liam Brennan, Global Director of Innovation, MediaCom

Digital Transformation – Resolving the Personalisation Conundrum / Benoit Cacheux, Global Head of Digital & Innovation, Zenith & Ravi Jagdeo, Global Digital Trading Director, Reckitt Benckiser (RB)

Consumer & Privacy – ‘Fighting Ad Fraud: Our Global Mission / Dennis Buchheim, SVP and GM of the IAB Tech Lab, Nick Stringer, VP Global Engagement & Operations, the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG).

To be a part of the riveting discussions to be had in the two days of Interact 2019, grab your pass now!

IAB Europe’s prestigious MIXX Awards Europe and IAB Europe Research Awards will also be held at Interact. The annual award competitions showcase the very best of digital advertising from across Europe and the winners will be announced on the evening of 4 June.

The 2019 MIXX Awards shortlisted companies include: Carat, Initiative, Havas Media Denmark, Mindshare Turkey, Ringier Axel Springer, Wavemaker Hungary with campaigns for brands including Aldi, Coca Cola, Kia, Nestle, PepsiCo, Radisson Hotel Group, Samsung, Unilever and Vodafone.

The 2019 Research Awards shortlisted companies include: BBC, Gemius, Havas Media, Kantar, MediaMetrie, Teads and United Internet Media.