Wikiregs, an online service for advertising agencies that need to check ad campaigns comply with various advertising regulations across Europe, has now launched. The European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) coordinated the support of 8 participating SROs for the review of the content.

This new website puts all the regulations, statutory and self-regulatory, that affect marketing communications in nine European countries for three product categories (to start with): Alcohol, Cars, and Food and Soft Drinks. Additionally, the rules that affect all product categories in Europe are on the website. It plans to expand to 30 countries and will eventually cover 10 product sectors. 

It provides rules that are reviewed by the relevant national SROs under a collaboration agreement with EASA or by third-party advisors. EASA would like to thank all the SROs involved – ARPP (France), ASA (UK), AUTOCONTROL (Spain), IAP (Italy), JEP (Belgium), Rada Reklamy (Poland), Ro. (Sweden), and SRC (Netherlands).

Wikiregs founder is Rae Burdon, former Chief Operating Officer of the UK Advertising Association chief and previously Vice Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi.