Ethics and Advertising Standards for Professionals in the Digital Age

The EASA education programme (EDU) translates creativity in a legal, decent, honest and truthful manner to build confidence in brands and businesses.


The 3E module

The aim of the 3E module (EASA - Ethics - Education) is to offer both current and future professionals the ethical elements to understand and create responsible advertising, with an emphasis on digital marketing communications.


Gap Analysis / Best Practice Self-Regulation Advice

EASA has the capacity and the experience to conduct gap analysis projects aimed at benchmarking third party’s codes or commitments against self-regulatory codes. EASA can also provide guidance and consultation advice to sectors regarding the development of best practice standards in advertising self-regulation.

EASA’s experience in developing effective self-regulation (e.g. EU Community of Practice) and the experience developed while working for a variety of sectors, place EASA in an optimal position to advice sectors that would like to develop self-regulatory initiatives.